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Did we cheat?

lucy2In the cab ride home at 11pm last night, I thought to myself, oh man, I’m so tired, I know Desi is exhausted, we have to do it, how can I get in the mood?  Without this social experiment I never would have had that thought, nor would I have sexily showed off my fishnet stockings and subsequently gotten frisky with my impressed Desi.

Later last night, we felt a little stressed about fitting in time the next day and pulled an “after midnight.”  Does it count?  Han and Leia brought it up earlier… are we done for Day 3?  Is it midnight to midnight?  Or waking hours?  Somebody tell us before we go to sleep tonight.

Already sore,



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Day 2

lady-hawk-and-macho-glen2Who needs a bed? Creativity and a new environment can lead to amazing opportunities. You can either go for it, or let it pass you by.
Carpe Diem Ya’ll.

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Day 2: Bewitching

bogie_bacall1The City is a grind, the day can wear you down:
Jobs and meetings, running all over town;
Constantly competing for a seat on the train,
The last fresh bagel, a cheap umbrella when it rains.
When you finally get home, its well after Eight
And the last thing you want is to scrub clean the plates.
“Screw that!  My day was long & much harder than theirs!”
I’ll just tell her that when she comes up those stairs.
When she arrives, you just sit there, you stand your ground;
She looks you over, smiles & makes not a sound:
She sees your day was trying & full of traverse,
Your burden was huge, you’re living the Curse.
Without asking, she knows what you can use right now:
Coyly snuggling up she softly kisses your brow,
Her kisses keep coming as she starts traveling South,
Each kiss getting longer, stress relief from her mouth;
And she takes you & places you in the palm of her hand:
She stares in your eyes and works over your Man:
You grunt and you squirm and you finally let go
Of all the stresses and the worries from a moment ago.
She’s a Silent Sorceress, her magic has turned you to smiles,
As you contently pull up your pants, fully aware of her wiles;
For she knows just exactly how to get you to do her wishes:
One Bewitching Blow Job and you happily do the dishes.

Here’s looking at you, kid… naked.

Bogie & Bacall

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Ash Wednesday Miracle

lady-hawk-and-macho-glen2We are going to win this competition. Already a day ahead of you, we started on Tuesday suckers! But while we both have an endless amount of love to get the job done what we didn’t have was an endless supply of prophylactics. We had to make a choice…go into the local bodega after mass with Ash Crosses on our foreheads or go home, wash up, and then go back out.  We opted for the second and went home only to discover an Ash Wednesday Miracle…3 more hidden in the nightstand!

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The Midnight Train

han-and-leia2We feel like we might have a leg up, so to speak, on the rest of the Giving it Up For Lent (GUFL) couples…we started a day early by accident.

No, Leia didn’t trip over a random storm trooper limb and fall on Han’s pistol. It wasn’t that kind of accident. We debated whether or not having sex after, or on the stroke of, midnight might count as a “completion” for the following day.

In short: We did it at 12:05am as Tuesday became Wednesday,  were we done for the day?

 As we got ready for bed on the actual Wed. night, we did make a decision, it just seemed wrong. So not wanting to be cheaters on the very first day…we promptly got the job done. So did we actually earn extra credit for a twofer? Maybe so, but for the rule book: It seems like a GUFL day should be counted as sun up to sun up. 

Bigger Picture: Do what your heart, and your heart-on, tells you.

Leia & Han

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bogie_bacall1We all take things for granted.  We don’t mean to and should always try our damnedest not to, especially when it comes to our intimate relationships.  Its like assuming, and you know what they say when you ass-u-me…  But when things are presumingly going well with something, you don’t think to change it.  If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it.  Not a good motto, if you ask me.  When it comes to intimate relations with your intimate relation, we sometimes take for granted the way things have always worked.  And, if for some reason, they occasionally don’t work, we don’t say to each other, ‘didn’t quite get it that time’ or ‘that was nice, but not quite what I was looking for’ because we care for each other.  We know we’ve gotten there before and one experience doesn’t equal what our lives have become as a whole.  So we let it slide and hope that next time will be like that one time where you swore fireworks were exploding over head and the bed somehow shifted six feet over.  It’s not like everything is disappointing, but little things that we may never think to question, things that happen when perhaps autopilot kicks in, may deserve some re-examination and discussion.

What’s already interesting about taking on this sexual experiment is that it has allowed us to look at our sex life under that microscope and give voice to some of those specifics that can use a little tweaking.   We never thought to question certain things we have taken for granted, but now faced with an experiment to consciously make love for 40 consecutive days we have become conscious to tell each other specifics.  Both the good things and the not-so-good things.  And this is only day one.  I look forward to see how things will hopefully progress and how specific we can get.

Who knows, by the end of this we may reach a level of body and energy awareness where we can get each other off from across the room with a gesture, a look, a simple flick or undulation and we’ll send the other into ecstasy.  Some fucking love making ninjas.

It is only 40 days, but hey, why shouldn’t you money shoot for the moon?

Here’s looking at you, kid… naked.

Bogie & Bacall

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Day 1

lucy1We started our “giving it up” by being thankful that BJs count in this endeavor.  We didn’t have a lot of time and Desi had been working really long hours.  Hee.  We blogged first!  And there you have it.

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